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Woodwork is the most complex aspect of any construction project. No matter how expertly specified or well-drawn at first, architects and owners often face issues with woodwork: inferior material selection, misconstrued details, low-quality products, or shoddy installations.

To make matters worse, the woodwork is installed at in the final stages of the project, leaving little room for late deliveries or mistakes before opening day.

JM Consulting solves these problems for you. Through early and active involvement with your woodwork projects, from the design stage to the final walk-through, we keep you on track for an on-time, on-budget finish.

Let JM Consulting use its 40 years of experience to guide your complex projects — and give you peace of mind.


Formed JM Consulting, Inc. Provide expert insight and consulting services to woodwork suppliers and consumers. AWI Speakers Bureau Member. Give presentations to Design Professionals about the woodworking industry.


President of the WA State Chapter of AWI. Attained the Chapter of the Year Award for 2 years in a row. Grew membership, both in manufacturing and associate members.


Formed CSW with 3 partners in Tumwater, WA. Focused on sales, marketing, software development and integration. Grew company from zero to over $10 million in sales, with the majority of work negotiated direct with owners. Opened up new market channels to continue growth in a very challenging financial market. Directly oversaw estimating and project management.


General Manager for Genothen in Tumwater, WA. Oversaw new technology and equipment implementation, including a nested CNC machining center. Co-developed an information management system. Project managed, led sales, and supervised drafting and engineering departments.


Consulting and software sales to the woodworking industry. Sold and implemented manufacturing software. Also consulted with large manufacturers in various sectors of the woodworking industry.


Engineering and Drafting Manager at Ritter Cabinets in Tumwater, WA. Further integrated technology into the company. Assisted with project management and sales.


Plant Manager at M&H Manufacturing, a Store Fixture manufacturer in Atlanta, GA. Transformed production from residential cabinet shop manufacturing to frameless European, high-capacity production, using CNC machinery and full software integration. Reduced costs and cycle times by 70%, and captured 100% of our main customer’s work (Publix Supermarkets). Also instrumental in capturing other market channels, which our increased capacity allowed us to pursue.


Consulting and software sales to the woodworking industry. Sold and implemented manufacturing software. This included a 1-year implementation and consulting position with Ritter Cabinets, Tumwater WA.


Formed Precision Millwork in Central Florida
Grew from a zero to $3 million firm in 10 years. Company specialized in high-end architectural working. My position was VP, focused on estimating, sales, project management, and information technology implementation.

“Jim Mammina is one of the nation’s preeminent woodworking professionals. 20 years ago he was training my staff in software and manufacturing procedures and he has been an invaluable asset in our company’s growth ever since. The depth of his knowledge, his years of experience and his no-nonsense approach make him a valuable friend in the industry.”

Bob Kraus
Keystone Millwork
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