Woodwork Suppliers

Architectural Woodworkers, Casework Manufacturers, & Store Fixture Manufacturers

Provide consulting to manufacturers’ sales efforts

  • Assist woodworking client in acquisition of new market channels—identify core competencies, exploit with targeted sales efforts
  • Introduce woodworking client to JM Consulting customer projects
  • High-level contract project management available on awarded projects
  • Shop drawings and submittal assistance available on awarded projects

Provide insight into continuous improvement for manufacturing facilities

  • Review process and recommend improvements for estimating, project management, information flow, and collections departments
  • On the production side, identify capacity constraints and provide workflow analysis, machine recommendations, and shop layout recommendations

Set up manufacturing facilities with machinery that makes sense

  • JM Consulting is affiliated with a number of top machinery manufacturers. We can guarantee the best pricing on machines and can assist you with machine selection

Woodwork Consumers

Architects, Owners, Design Build Teams, & General Contractors

Design Stage

Review Architectural Drawings during the entire design process, with the goals of:

  • Reducing “overpricing” due to vague detailing of woodwork
  • Eliminating “Scope Holes” due to unclear division of SOW between trades
  • Valuing engineer woodworking items to reduce first round pricing sticker shock
  • Ensuring products are able to be manufactured as drawn

Estimating Stage

Qualify all bidders on the project:

  • Vet woodworking companies with phone interviews, site visits, and reference checks
  • Review installation contractors, vet their capabilities, quality of their work, level of their customer service, and timelines of project completion
  • Provide a list to qualified manufacturers for the project, with comments regarding capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Review all bids for completeness and correctness of scope, adherence to specifications, and understanding of the project
  • Once review is completed, make our recommendation as to which manufacturer should be awarded the work on the project

Construction Stage

  • Meet the client, the installers, and a representative from the woodwork manufacturer on-site to review the progress of work, at every stage
  • At the end of the project, visit site for final punch, touch up, adjustments prior to turnover to ensure that your project is on-time, on-budget, and high-quality work

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